We are passionate about learning, enriching lives through education.

The initial goal was to set up customised learning programmes, far from the formatted language tuition. Our native tutors are qualified and inspiring. We create a UNIQUE programme based on our student’s strengths. As a result, our students are able to learn and retain information more effectively. 

We have made it our goal to help all students to grow in confidence.Lingo is an international team that brings different personalities, cultures and experiences together. We offer in-home tutoring in London and online classes with the most talented tutors available.



Lingo Education est une équipe de tuteurs qui rassemble différentes personnalités, cultures et expériences. Nous offrons un tutorat à domicile à Londres, de l'accompagnement CNED, des cours en écoles et en entreprises ainsi que des cours en ligne avec les tuteurs les plus talentueux disponibles.